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Talks & Presentations

June  2021 presenting at iLRN22 conference and recipient of an award for Innovation in Pedagogy

November 2021 presenting at APA Technology, Mind and Society conference

September 2021 presenting at womEncourage conference and received a scholarship together with a membership for ACM

August 2021 presenting at SARG conference on Social Inclusion and Participation

August 2021 presenting at ECVP21 conference

May 2021 and July 2022 organising and presenting at AVRA conference

25th February 2020 invited to AIXR webinar 'Can Therapeutics Combat a Rising Mental Health Crisis?'

2019 - present running and presenting at Autism Journal Club (Glasgow) 

February 2020 Presentation and Demo at the School of Psychology, University of St Andrews

January 2020 Presentation at 7 Minutes of Science, University of Glasgow

17th December Presentation at the Illusions at the Fortnight, School of Psychology, University of Glasgow


11th December 2019 Presentation at the Glasgow ARVR event

21st November 2019 Presentation at the University of Strathclyde Laboratory for Innovation in Autism seminar

3rd October 2019 Presentation at the IElab 'Using VR technology to understand inner world of autism'

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