Undependent Festival Storytelling Workshop

I was meaning to blog about this workshop for a while now, but somehow never got round to it. I was lucky to teach a storytelling workshop with a brand new film festival in Glasgow. I was even listed as an official event as part of the festival on their web page, so you can image how incredibly chuffed I was!

Initially I was planning to lead the workshop on my own, which was a little scary. I have taught various workshops before, but never been a part of the festival. When the festival was fast approaching I was lucky to meet Lesley and her husband, who run Spiral Heart Healing. They arrange storytelling workshops, with meditation and shaman inspired guided journeys. I was incredibly inspired after our meeting, so we decided to run the workshop together.

Spiral Heart Healing told a story of Goldilocks, but from a more darker and  mysterious perspective, where Goldilocks was a vixen. So I have produced a series of illustrations to decorate the Old Hairdressers where the workshop was going to take place. After the story was told and all the participants experienced a personal spiritual journey guided by Spiral Hear Healing, I enouraged them to share their experiences on the boards we provided. I sketched a background of trees and hills so that there was some starting point. Everybody enjoyed their drawing session even though it was fairly brief. I am hoping I will have a chance to work with the festival next year as well!

Here are some pictures from the workshop...